Adult Advanced Filtered Masks

Stop Suffering TODAY! Let a Healthy Air Mask® Clean the air you breathe!

*ALL PM2.5 & M11 Healthy Air Mask®, aka H.A.M., all-weather N99 PM2.5 masks provide some of the best protection from pet dander, dust, smoke, airborne particles, Cold & flu viruses, germs, bacteria, and allergens that can cause respiratory infections and affect weakened immune systems. In addition, H.A.M. masks have been proven to help reduce asthma attacks, COPD complications and much more...

H.A.M. PM2.5/N99 activated carbon filter and advanced M.E.R.V. 11 masks are made using Eco-friendly, naturally antibacterial fabric that adds additional protection and hypoallergenic qualities that others don't. Combined with our pharmaceutical grade filter sandwiched between the inner and outer layers adds a distinctive level of protection from molecule size pollutants that pose the greatest risk!

*    Made in the U.S.A.    * *