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Flu Prevention: Can A Face Mask Protect You During Flu Season?

With flu season well underway, many people wonder what can be done to protect themselves from body-aching nastiness that is the flu outside of getting their flu shot. Since the only way over the flu is through – flu prevention becomes a circus many of us attend to survive the flu season with our health intact.


In this article, we will help you better understand how wearing a face mask can aid in preventing the flu, or the spreading thereof, during flu season. According to the CDC, flu season occurs during the fall and winter months, making its debut in October, with peak activity occurring between December and February.


While no flu prevention technique is 100 percent effective – the following flu prevention tips can go a long way in helping you survive the flu season without becoming the walking dead.


  1. Cover your mouth! It should go without saying that when you cough or sneeze you be covering your mouth. If you have tissues close by, cover your mouth with a tissue to eliminate the accumulation of germs on your hands or cough / sneeze into the crook of your arm.


  1. Wash your hands! Our hands come in contact with a lot of things that are not properly or are poorly sanitized. If you can’t get to a washroom to vigorously scrub your hands for at least 15 seconds with warm soap and water, use a hand sanitizer especially before eating and after coughing or sneezing. Keep in mind that many people still cough and sneeze directly into their hands and proceed to touch doorknobs, computer surfaces, and other communal assets that the average person doesn’t think about cleaning before touching.


  1. The CDC recommends avoiding close contact with those who are sick and to keep your distance from others if you are the sick one.


Needless to say, basic hygiene and social responsibility can go a long way to aid in flu prevention. Still, one of the best ways to protect your health during flu season is to wear a face mask that can defend against inhaling the airborne virus when another sneezes or coughs without covering up. According to James Steckelberg, M.D., “Flu masks may help block airborne germs, and may also prevent the transmission of germs from your hands to your or nose.”


The Harvard School of Public Health conducted research which was published March 7, 2013 regarding the tiny flu virus particles (less than 0.5 microns) that can cause the most detriment. By wearing masks, participants in the HSPH study that were infected with the flu reduced the number of particles exhaled 25-fold.


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