PM2.5-N99 Filter & Exhale Valves

PM2.5 Children's mask with cute and fun designs have activated carbon N99 Filters with 3D design for comfort and protection from Dust, Cold & Flu. Are Reusable - Washable and All Weather. Hospital safe and help safeguard you and your loved ones with weakened immune systems and respiratory concerns.

H.A.M. masks are your first line of defense against respiratory infections caused by harmful Airborne particles like Allergens - Smoke - Pollen - Pollution - Dust / Valley Fever - Pet Dander - Industrial, Chemical and Agricultural Irritants as well as many other contaminants that can cause respiratory suffering or illness.

**Exhale valves help prevent glasses from fogging and are great for active and outdoor enthusiasts.**

Stop Suffering TODAY and Clean the air you breathe! Let a Healthy Air Mask® help reduce COPD complications, Allergy and Asthma attacks with additional protection from harmful effects of Airborne Particulates like Mold spores - Odors - Natural Disasters. They also help in reducing respiratory infections and diseases caused by coughing and sneezing.

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Made of:
100% cotton 
Latex Free Ear-loops