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PM2.5/N99 Children's Masks

Fun designs provide comfort and protection, making breathing clean air super enjoyable! 

All PM2.5 & M11 masks help safeguard your child from Cold/Flu viruses, pollen, pet dander, pollution, dust, air-borne disease and respiratory infections that can weaken immune systems. They also help reduce allergies, asthma attacks, COPD complications, and much more.

Our masks are Hospital safe and provide a superior level of protection while being your first line of defense in cleaning the air you breathe!

Healthy Air Mask® will reduce but not eliminate the spread and transmission of germs, viruses, bacteria and other harmful airborne inhalants that cause infection and or respiratory disease. Second hand smoke Other children in schools & daycare. Traveling on Airplanes, trains, subways, and bus.
** Exhale valves helps prevent glasses from fogging **
! WARNING: Not for Children under 3 years of age. !
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