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M11 Adult Animal Wildlife

Healthy Air Mask® M11 Masks help protect individuals from dust to allergens from entering the lungs. All our M11 masks are reusable and washable makes making them highly effective. Our M11 Fashion Forward, M11 Wildlife and Bad n Rad collections are a high quality respiratory protective mask.  Our M11 masks are sure to help protect you from allergens, pollen, dust and certain contaminants.  Healthy Air Mask® have been known to help reduce asthma attacks, exposure to respiratory infections and COPD complications in some of our customers.
Adjustable ear loops for improved overall fit that conform to most head and face types. Our adult "Animal Wildlife Collectable" Masks are some of the most effective on the market. Our hospital safe mask has a pharmaceutical grade filter sewn between the inner and outer layers.
The nose clip can be pressed into shape around the nose to improve sealing and help prevent glasses from fogging. * We suggest those that are active and or wear glasses consider our masks with a exhale valve(s) that helps release your air quickly as you breathe.  
Other areas a Healthy Air Mask® help protect and minimize Asthma and COPD complications including Allergy reactions and symptoms. Additional protection in very cold weather, areas with pollution, exhaust, dust and smoke.    
Your first line of defense - fashionable and comfortable!
 * Made in the U.S.A. *  *

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M11 Fox (Adult)

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M11 Kitty- Adult

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