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M11 Adult Mask & Scarf Sets

Fashion Forward M11 Masks come with matching stylish fashion-forward scarves! The bamboo fabric will keep you 1-2 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They are washable and have natural UVA and UVB Protection.
They offer Eco-friendly, naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic qualities that others don't. Our hospital safe pharmaceutical grade filter is sandwiched between inner and outer layers that add a distinctive level of protection from harmful pollutants, airborne germs and viruses that pose the greatest risks, such as Colds & Flu spread by coughing and sneezing.

Made of:

Stop Suffering TODAY! Clean the air you breathe! Let a H.A.M. all weather mask and scarf sets safeguard you and your loved ones with weakened immune systems and respiratory concerns against Natural Disasters - Indoor/Outdoor protection from, but not limited to, Pollution - Odors - Industrial, Chemical, and Agricultural irritants, along with reducing respiratory infections and diseases caused by dust / Valley Fever - allergens - pet dander - mold spores - and smoke. They help reduce allergy and asthma attacks.


Masks Outer Layer: Bamboo Cotton Feather Jersey - 70% Bamboo (Viscose Rayon)/30% Cotton.  
Center: M.E.R.V. 11 Pharmaceutical Grade Filter
Inner: 66% Bamboo/28% Cotton/6% Spandex
Scarf: 6" wide and 56-60" long
Outer: Bamboo Cotton Feather Jersey - 70% Bamboo (Viscose Rayon)/30% Cotton
Inner: 66% Bamboo/38% Cotton/6% Spandex
Size: Adult
Your first line of defense - fashionable and comfortable!
*     Made in the U.S.A.     * *
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