About Us

Welcome to Healthy Air Masks      

Hi, my name is Kelly and welcome to Healthy Air Masks. When I was developing Healthy Air Masks, I did so with a mantra in mind and that was to make protective masks with a personality. I strived to make this an eco-friendly, protection minded, and fashion forward company so I have done exhaustive research for the best and most comfortable fabric and the best methods for making our masks fun. A quick note about me, for many of my younger years, I did a number of jobs and activities that had me breathing in everything from allergens, paint fumes, heavy exhaust and dust from the many outdoor events I frequented. I didn’t want to let this keep me from attending Motocross, which I still love to this day so something had to be done.

With good health and youth on my side, I decided to not let it affect my life. While running a lawn service, painting cars, doing auto body work and demoing & rehabbing approximately 50 homes in Minneapolis area, I experienced years of needless suffering. Many of these activities were hard on my respiratory system and the toll they took went unnoticed until it hit me all at once, with a vengeance. In an effort to cease my seemingly endless allergies I moved to the Southwest and as it turns out, I’m also allergic to dust. As most of us are, I was concerned about allergic fungal sinusitis and Valley Fever so clearly I needed to come up with a solution that would work for me year-round. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that was definitely true for me. Hence, Healthy Air Masks was born!

Our single minded goal is to change the way you think about the personal protection our Healthy Air Masks offer you. Many cultures, worldwide, are forced to wear filtering masks due to the extremely high levels of pollution in the air and dangerous airborne viruses. Here in the USA we are blessed with such strict regulations that many fall under a false sense of security when it comes to risks of inhalation of airborne contagious, infectious agents and other unknown pollutants such as tuberculosis, SARS, bird flu, and the swine flu just to name a few.

With a combined twenty years of experience, we believe you will discover that our Healthy Air Masks will not only give you that protection you need, but are also thought provoking, fun, and fashion forward thinking with personality. A particulate mask that finally combines fashion and fun while still being healthy is what we have strived to offer you. We’ve created a special line of masks that protect you, your family, friends and loved ones from the many adverse contaminants that can seriously damage your health and immune system. The filtering capabilities that go into a Healthy Air Mask are considered by the CDC to be a great “first line of defense” against germs, dust, allergies, certain fumes, odors and pollutants.

Be a trend setter, try a few different styles and you’ll not only be amazed by how your mask looks, but how much better you feel wearing our environmentally friendly, anti-microbial protected, fun and fashionable Healthy Air Mask. After all, staying healthy can be a huge challenge, so let Healthy Air Mask become a part of your everyday healthy routine for business or pleasure. The masks are designed for warm and cold weather climates.