High Efficiency Basic Carbon Filtered Healthy Air Filtering Face Masks protects you in style!


Respiratory protection from dangerous airborne particles - allergens, germs, smoke, pollen, haboobs, dust, pet dander, flu, cold and other pollutants that can cause or irritate bronchitis, respiratory illness,  weakened immune systems, COPD and asthma.


Our masks also provide anti-bacterial and hypo allergenic qualities that others can't with Activated High Efficiency Carbon that adds an additional and most distinctive level of protection from molecule size pollutants that pose the greatest risk!


Uses: Outdoors, traveling, wood working, leaf blowing, lawn mowing, painting, pet grooming, sanding, drywalling, public areas.


Your first line of defense - fashionable, comfortable, ECO friendly, washable, re-usable and made in the U.S.A.


* For more serious and maximum protection see all our lines of M11 Bad-N-Rad, Wildlife, Fashion Forward & PM2.5 Masks that have eco-friendly, naturally anti-bacterial fabric with M11 pharmaceutical grade filter sandwiched between inner & outer layers.