M11 Mask Scarf Sets

Our Fashion Forward M11 Masks now come with matching stylish fashion forward scarves! 

They help reduce Allergies and Asthma attacks while being the first line of defense against respiratory infections caused by harmful Airborne particles like Allergens – Smoke – Smog - Pollen - Pet Dander - Dust and Valley Fever as well as many other contaminates that can cause respiratory suffering or illness.

Stop Suffering TODAY! Clean the air you breathe and let a Healthy Air Mask™ help reduce Allergy and Asthma attacks while Helping Protect you from Harmful effects of Molecule size Airborne Particulates like Pollen, Dust, Valley Fever, Mold spores - Pet dander – Odors – Bird Flu – Natural Disasters... Wild fire smoke and other allergens... Including but not limited to Cigarette Smoke – Wild Fire - Smog - Exhaust – Pollution - Industrial, Chemical and Agricultural Irritants. Along with reducing Respiratory Infections and Diseases caused by Airborne Germs and Viruses like Colds and Flu spread by coughing and sneezing. 
Indoor/Outdoor protection from: Traveling, wood working, leaf blowing, lawn mowing, painting, pet grooming, sanding and drywalling. Whether you're visiting family member that has a cold or you're taking a trip on a windy day with higher levels of dust and allergens in the air, your Healthy Air Mask™ will filter out dangerous airborne particles that could cause harm. 

Made of Eco friendly fabrics:
Outer: Bamboo Cotton Feather Jersey - 70% Bamboo (Viscose Rayon)/30% Cotton.  
Inner: 66% Bamboo/28% Cotton/6% Spandex. 
Scarf: 6" wide and 56-60" long

Size: Teen - Adult