• 3d Beige Bear Dust Mask

3d Beige Bear Dust Mask

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3d Beige Bear Dust Mask


  • 3D Beige Bear Dust Mask protects you in style!
  • Respiratory protection from dangerous airborne particles - allergens, germs, smoke, pollen, haboobs, dust, pet dander, flu, cold and other pollutants that can cause or irritate bronchitis, respiratory illness, weakened immune systems, COPD and asthma.
  • Our masks also provide anti-bacterial and hypo allergenic qualities that others can't and adds an additional and most distinctive level of protection from molecule size pollutants that pose the greatest risk!
  • Whether your visiting family member has a cold or your taking a trip on a windy day with higher levels of dust and allergens in the air, your Healthy Air Mask will filter out dangerous airborne particles that could cause harm.
  • Uses: Outdoors, traveling,  public areas, in the yard, attic, garage and basement.
  • Your first line of defense - fashionable, comfortable, ECO friendly, washable, re-usable and made in the U.S.A.
  • Size 6 x 5



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