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Welcome to Healthy Air Mask® and a bit about our company:  


From the early days of my youth to adulthood, I had been running a lawn service, painting cars, doing auto body work, demoing & rehabbing approximately 50 homes in the Minneapolis, MN area.  I'm sure many of these activities were hard on my respiratory system. In an effort to stop my seemingly endless allergies, I moved to the Southwest and found out, I'm also allergic to dust. After spending a very windy, dusty day at the Arizona Renaissance Festival, I became concerned about allergic fungal sinusitis (Valley Fever) and allergies. So the innovator in me clearly needed to come up with a solution that would work for me year-round. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that was definitely true for me. Hence, Healthy Air Mask® was born in 2012.
As I researched masks I saw most were your basic cotton and paper throw away 3M® masks. Being someone who believes in quality, reliability, affordability and standing behind your product or service, H.A.M. started off re-selling quality masks with our goal of growing into the protection-minded and fashion-forward Mask & Bandana company known worldwide for providing the largest and best assortment of highly efficient cotton, organic cotton and naturally antibacterial, eco-friendly fabric products. Our new Microfiber and Neoprene masks are washable, hospital safe, great for sensitive skin and wick sweat away from the skin and dry quickly. H.A.M. products are highly efficient respiratory protective products that don't sacrifice quality, yet many are 30-50% less expensive than our biggest competitor. We will continue to improve the products we offer by keeping an eye on design trends and material innovations as well as the protection our customers want and need including M11 pharmaceutical grade filters and N99 filters with activated carbon that help eliminate and reduce odors. 
So Stop Suffering TODAY and Clean the air you breathe with an all-weather mask or bandana that will help safeguard you and your loved ones with weakened immune systems and respiratory concerns against Natural Disasters - Indoor/Outdoor protection from but not limited to Pollution – Odors - Industrial, Chemical and Agricultural Irritants. Along with reducing respiratory infections and diseases caused by dust / valley fever – allergens - pet dander –pollution - mold spores – smoke. And helps reduce allergy and asthma attacks.

A mask with filtering capabilities like what goes into a Healthy Air Mask M11 and N99 masks are considered by the CDC to be a great "first line of defense" against airborne contaminants as small as 2.5 microns. 
Thank you for reading and may all your concerns and discomforts placed in your path of life find someone that truly cares. 


Healthy Air Mask & Bandanas Team 

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