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Healthy Air Mask aka H.A.M.

Q: What are Eco-friendly fabric masks?

A: Healthy Air Mask (H.A.M.) has masks and bandanas made using Bamboo, Tencel and Coolbest®. The fabric contains natural antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities that help keep your air odorless, are very durable, help prevent static electricity and are 100% Biodegradable. These fabrics are renewable products that have many added benefits that cotton does not have. The Bamboo and Tencel fabrics feel similar to silk or cashmere and all three fabrics are more breathable, comfortable and thermal regulating than cotton, wool or any other synthetic fabric. The fabrics are great for hot, cold, and humid weather; they are 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton, evaporate perspiration and dry faster. Bamboo, Tencel, and our Organic Cotton have fiber properties that are non-irritating to the skin making them a pleasant alternative for anyone with skin sensitivities or other allergies/dermatitis.The fabrics naturally protect you from UVA and UVB rays.

Q: Why do you offer so many different fabrics?

A: Everyone’s desired color, style, health concerns and cost factor are different. Yet individual needs for respiratory protection are pretty similar. That is why H.A.M. mask’s site provides the largest selection of masks and bandanas to meet each person’s personality and need. Healthy Air Mask set out to have a product to help a variety of people with a variety of concerns, so why not have a variety of patterns and colors that everyone can enjoy. Here at Healthy Air Mask we want you to be protected with style and comfort.

Q: What are H.A.M. Masks made of?

A: Our masks are made of four fabrics. (Each mask has same inner and outer layer fabric, we do not cross mix fabrics. However Inner vs Outer layer color may vary)  

  • M11 Tencel (Lycell) (Blend of Lycell 92% / Spandex 8%): It is an award-winning revolutionary fabric that is similar to rayon and bamboo. The environmental process is 100% organic. Features: Has pharmaceutical grade activated M11 filter sewn between inner and outer layers. Naturally Anti-bacterial – Superior Moisture wicking capabilities 50% greater than cotton and dries quickly – Very durable wet or dry – Extremely smooth, soft surface and great for those with sensitive skin. The fabric won numerous awards, including the “European Award for the Environment” by the European Union.
  • M11 Organic Cotton (Blend of Cotton 47.5% / Soy Blend 47.5% / Spandex 5%): Features: Has pharmaceutical grade M11 filter sewn between inner and outer layers. Mask is Hypoallergenic – UVA and UVB Protection – Hospital Safe – Soft and great for sensitive skin and fully certified by IMO, Control Union, OCIA, NOP or Ecocert. Dyes used on our Organic Cotton / Soy fabrics are all Procyon low impact, fiber reactive dyes. Safe non-toxic and Eco-friendly. * If you are allergic or sensitive to synthetic textile fabrics our organic masks would probably be more agreeable with you while wearing.Size: Unisex
  • M11 Bamboo filtered Masks (Blend of Viscose Rayon 66% / Cotton 28% / Spandex 6%):Features: Has pharmaceutical grade M11 filter sewn between inner and outer layers. Have adjustable ear-loops and are naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic with UVA and UVB protection.  Bamboo is also an insulating fabric that wicks moisture away from the face, yet dries quickly and is 1-2 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than cotton. Wicks moisture away from the skin and evaporates and drying quickly. Size: Adult and Children
  • M11 CoolBest® (100% polyester): Features: Has pharmaceutical grade M11 filter sew between inner and outer layer. Has adjustable ear-loops and are naturally antibacterial – hypoallergenic with UVA & UVB protection. And is a powerfully insulating fabric with wicking ability to make you feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter by pulling moisture away from the skin and evaporating and drying quickly.Size: Unisex Adult and Children
  • Microfilter PM2.5 N99 sport masks (Cotton, Neoprene, Mesh): Features: Non-latex ear loop and trim. High filtration and each mask comes with two exhale valves (great for those that wear glasses or active people) and two replacement N99 carbon filters. The fabrics are made from antibacterial polyesters, polyamides and are used to make mats, knits, and weaves for apparel, upholstery, industrial filters, face masks and more…Protects from inhaled particles as small as 0.3 microns Size: Unisex Adult and Children
  • Neoprene PM2.5 N99 masks (Neoprene, polyester): Features: Comes with two N99 activated carbon replacement filters, and made from breathable elastic compound similar to rubber. It is very effective as a respiratory protective mask. CE,SGS, CNAS,SFDA (only Antibacterial and antiviral mask with SFDA certification). Protects from inhaled particles as small as 0.3 microns.Size: Unisex
  •  PM2.5 N99 Masks Features: Each mask come with one exhale valve and four N99 activated carbon replacement filters. Made of high-efficiency soft cotton or cotton/polyester blend and have adjustable ear-loops. (All CYxxx masks are Latex Free) Size: Unisex Adult and Children
  • Healthy Air Mask PM2.5 & M11 Healthy Air Mask®, aka H.A.M., all-weather masks provide some of the best protection from Pet Dander, Dust, Smoke, Airborne particles, cold & flu, viruses, germs, bacteria, and allergens that can cause respiratory infections and affect weakened immune systems. In addition, wearing a H.A.M. mask has been proven to help reduce asthma attacks, COPD complications and much more...
  • Healthy Air Mask PM2.5/N99 activated carbon filter and advanced M.E.R.V. 11 masks and bandanas are made using Eco-friendly, naturally antibacterial fabric that adds additional protection and hypoallergenic qualities that others don't. Combined with our pharmaceutical grade filter sandwiched between the inner and outer layers adds a distinctive level of protection from molecule size pollutants that pose the greatest risk!Your first line of defense - fashionable - comfortable – washable

Q: What is the difference between a mask with or without a Valve?

A: If you wear glasses or are active and outdoor enthusiasts, Masks with valves are recommended!   

Q: Which mask is for me?

A: Below is a list of H.A.M. protection mask levels that should help with your decision based on your need and cost factor.

  • * = Basic protection = from coughing and sneezing germs, dust and larger airborne contaminants such as pet dander, sanding debris, certain odors. Good for short term mild protection and won’t stop the spread of certain allergens and germs. (Disposable)                                                                    * Krazy cone - great value disposable masks - children love them
  • ** = Medium protection = from cold weather, airborne particles – dust - some allergens, mild smoke, pollen, pet dander, sanding debris. Good mask for odors because the mask has a carbon filter as the middle layer so nail technicians, woodworkers and pet groomers use them.  (Disposable) **Basic Carbon filtered - good value masks
  • *** M11 = Very good protection = is hospital safe and controls odors, airborne contaminants, unfiltered molecules and chemical irritants. Our pharmaceutical grade, gray matter filter helps prevent small particles - allergenic plant pollens, dust, mold, pet dander, pollution, auto emissions - from entering the lungs. Also helps prevent the spread of germs and viruses spread by coughing and sneezing.                                                                    * * * M11 filtered Masks are great value - hospital safe, pharmaceutical grade filter, 3D design for comfort. (Washable)


NOTE: All M11 mask filters are sewn into the mask and are sandwiched between inner & outer layers of a naturally antibacterial eco-friendly fabric for enhanced protection and comfort. The M11 filter will provide very good protection from 3.0 -10.0 microns like but not limited to, pollen, certain dust, pollution and certain sprays, while the N99 & PM 2.5 masks have better protection from bacteria and sneezing etc. Because of the naturally anti-bacterial qualities in the Coolbest®, Tencel and Bamboo fabrics, we have had lung transplant patients and other say they did not notice any increased respiratory issues for them when wearing our M11 masks versus a competitor's or our N99 or PM2.5 mask. That is probably because of the added protection our fabric provides. We suggest you discuss with your doctor and/or, try one of our H.A.M masks and see if the comfort, style and overall design suits you best! (Washable)

  • **** N99 & PM2.5 = Excellent protection from all mentioned above including bacteria, allergens, dust, mold spores, pollen, and more. The NIOSH N95 certification, for example, means that the mask should filter out 95 percent of particles greater than 0.3 microns; which is much smaller than PM 2.5. All H.A.M. PM2.5 and Microfilter masks have advanced replaceable N99 filters for maximum protection. (Washable)                                                                     **** PM2.5 & N99 filtered masks - excellent value.

Filter Guide:

They ALL come with (2) replaceable filters upon purchase.(Washable) Replacement filter packs are sold separately in HN99, HN299, HN399, and HN499.

Q: How long will it take to receive the product I ordered?

A: UPS, DHL, FedEx all have guaranteed days for specific services they offer with the exception of ground.  Please visit their websites to find a service that fits you.

  • USPS: Express mail: by noon or 3:00 p.m. the next day, or noon or 3:00 p.m. the second day.
  • Priority Mail Service including Flat rate: Typically two to three days to most locations in the US. This is not a guaranteed service. Tracking is included.
  • First Class Mail: Estimated delivery time is two to three days. (Trackable)
  • Parcel Post: Typically 2 - 9 days, trackable.

Q: How do I care for my H.A.M mask?

A:  We recommend that all masks be hand washed in cold water with mild hypoallergenic laundry soap. Air dry only. Do not wash in bleach or dry clean, these actions will damage the mask. Do not dry in a dryer. Heat will damage the antibacterial quality of the mask.

Q: How frequently should I wash my mask?

A: It is solely dependent on the frequency of use and conditions. In a city or more heavily polluted or dusty environment we recommend weekly. In these conditions we suggest purchasing a new mask every 90-120 days, or if you feel the airflow passing through seems to be getting a bit restricted. 

Q: What Sizes are available in the masks?

A: Adult masks are approximately 7.5” wide from left to right and 6” height from top to bottom, at the highest point.

  • Children’s masks are approximately 6.5” wide from left to right and approximately 5” height from top to bottom at the highest point.
  • The masks have adjustable ear-loops that can fit most people. We have had a few that didn’t fit large faces. We recommend that if an adult male or female is 5’3” or shorter and under 120 lbs that generally a children’s mask will fit better.

Q: Do you take Phone orders?

A: Yes, between 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. MST. Mon - Fri 480-584-5912. * If we miss your call, leave your desired mask name and contact info, we’ll call next business day.

Q: Do you sell wholesale?

A: Contact us to discuss quantity and resale options.

Mask Uses

  • Indoor/Outdoor protection from Sanding, Woodworking, Construction, Yard work and Gardening, Painting, Commercial or Residential renovation, Pet Groomers, Nail Technicians, and protection while Traveling from Airborne Germs and Viruses spread by coughing and sneezing. Natural disasters, harmful Pollutants, Odors, Industrial, Chemical and Agricultural irritants. They reduce respiratory infections and diseases caused by Dust / Valley fever, Allergens, Pet Dander, Mold spores, Smoke while helping reduce Asthma attacks and COPD complications.

Q: What Certifications do you have for the masks and bandanas?

A:  NELSON, ISO9001:2015, ROHS, CE, SGS, CNAS, SFDA (Only Antibacterial and antiviral mask with SFDA)

Q: What is your Guarantee and Return Policy?

A: Guarantee: Defective masks will be replaced with no charge if returned within 30 days of purchase.

Return policy:

  • We ask that you shop carefully and select with certainty. According to U.S. health regulations, respiratory face masks are a product that cannot be resold. For health reasons, returns or exchanges will be at our discretion and on a per case basis.

Q: Will H.A.M. masks protect from odors? 

A: Yes most certainly from our Basic to our PM2.5 + M11 + Microfilter masks all will help protect sensitive lungs from poor air quality, natural disasters, odors, and particles.

Q: How long will the filter last? 

A:  Depends on many different things such as your environment, frequency of wearing and air quality. Generally speaking, if you are wearing in a suburban area for respiratory concerns and protection from allergens, then N99 replaceable filters should last 30 days. However, if your environment is closer to a city where automobile emission and pollution can be higher, then you may want to replace a couple times a month, or when you notice the air flow becomes a bit less. 

Q: What is the difference between N99 and MERV 11 (M11) filters?

A: M11 filtered masks remove E2 (1 to 3 micron) and E3 (3 to 10 micron) molecular irritants: household, cooking, smoke, smog, traffic, stops troublesome particles: N99 Activated Carbon Filters protect E1 (0.3 to 1 micron) pollens, pet dander, dust mite matter, mold & mildew spores, many bacteria & viruses industrial and agricultural, to name a few. "Best filter." For people with pets or otherwise desiring superior odor management.

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