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"Living in Arizona with all the dust has been bearable since I started wearing your filtered masks. Thanks!" ~ Kathy C.

"My niece is going through cancer treatments and needs ultimate protection from viruses, germs and bacteria. After looking at other masks I have to admit there isn't a better filtered mask on the market today." ~ Isabella M.

"Love the website and all the cute child and adult masks you have!" ~ Tanya S.

"Now when I'm flying on an airplane I can finally wear a mask with "personality" and not look like I'm afraid of people or sick." ~ Martin M.

"My husband, Ted purchased the leopard mask for me on Friday last week. Last night was the first time I was able to watch a production in a theatre because of my asthma!!!! I did get some curious glances, which amused me, but no asthma attack!!! Thank you, the mask is amazing!!!" ~ Marilyn

"Purchased these for me and my kids for our trip overseas. I use them mostly because the air on planes burns my nose and also to protect from breathing in other people's germs. Fits comfortably for myself and my 2 boys." ~ Katrina G.

"I love them, and have bought them twice already, they are very comfortable. Though I'm fairly small compared to most when it comes to face size and all, so I had to sew the earpieces to where the mask would stay on me. Otherwise they last pretty long, I love the fact that they can be washed and re-used." ~ Kit
"This was for my husband and he is very satisfied with this mask. It is comfortable and he can wear it for an extended period. Shipping was very quick!" ~ Barbara Ann

"I cannot begin to expressed how pleased and impressed I am with these mask. They are PERFECT and a life saver. I have a medical condition that is triggered by perfumes/fragrant/scents, foods, and beverages. Unfortunately, I work for people who don't care and continue to wear fragrant products that have an adverse affect on my health. These mask allow me to work in that unhealthy environment." ~ Leslie

"I ordered Healthy Air Masks for myself and my mom when going on several airline flights.They were comfortable, fashionable and we could easily talk to each other with them on. I was worried that people may be worried that we were contagious, but I think the fashionable patterns helped let people know that we were not sick, but in fact trying NOT to catch a cold! The customer service was also very quick and personable when I had made a mistake on the address I needed them to be mailed to. My mom and I often catch colds when flying, we were at 4 airports on multiple flights and NO COLDS! Thanks Healthy Air Mask!" ~ Amber

"Great Mask! Love it...." ~ Ellen C.

"I love it so much that I am ordering another one." ~ Zenay

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