Which Mask Do I Need?

Below is a list of H.A.M. protection levels that should help with your decision based on your needs.

1: Moderate Protection from coughing and sneezing germs, dust, larger airborne contaminants such as pet dander, sanding debris, and certain odors. The percentage of protection that these masks provide is 85%-87%. These masks can help those who are traveling on planes, trains and other public transportation but won’t stop the spread of certain viruses and germs.

·         Krazy Cone – great value disposable masks; dentists use them and children love them!

·         China Masks – C199 Brown, C200 Black and C230 Grey

2: Very Good Protection** M11 are categorized as very good protection. These Carbon Filtered masks protect you from harsh weather conditions, airborne particles such as dust, some allergens, mild smoke, pollen, pet dander, sanding debris and more. All M11 mask filters have a carbon layer that helps eliminate odors. Nail technicians, woodworkers and pet groomers, among others would these masks. These masks are hospital safe and control odors, airborne contaminants, unfiltered molecules and chemical irritants. The pharmaceutical grade gray matter filters help prevent small particles, allergenic plant pollens, dust, mold, pet dander, pollution and auto emissions from entering the lungs. These masks also help prevent the spread of germs and viruses spread by coughing and sneezing. 

·         M11 filtered masks – great value, hospital safe, made with pharmaceutical Carbon grade filter, with a 3D design for comfort, and are Washable

·         Bad ‘n’ Rad and Animal Wildlife Masks (in Adult (HA) and Child (HC) sizes)HA032 - HA078, HA1000 -  HA1129 and HC033 - HC070, HC1104 and HC1114

3: Excellent Protection N99 and PM2.5/ are categorized as excellent protection and they protect you from all listed above including bacteria, mold spores and pollen. The NIOSH N9 certification means that the mask should filter out 99% of particles greater than 0.3 microns, which is smaller than PM2.5, meaning that the N99 would filter out 99% of those particles.

·         PM2.5 and N99 filtered masks -  excellent value, these come with replaceable filters, and are washable

·         Masks in this category: CV231 – CV245, CXA001 – CXA002, CXC001, CY001 – CY005, CYC400 -  CYV404, CYV005 – CYV008, CYV100 – CYV103, CYV231 – CYV233,     CYV237 – CYV239, CYV250, CYV300 – CYV301 and CYVV03 – CYVV04

**Important Note: All M11 mask filters are sewn into the mask and sandwiched between inner and outer layers of a naturally antibacterial eco-friendly fabric for enhanced protection and comfort. The M11 filter will provide very good protection from 3.0 – 10.0 microns like but not limited to; pollen, certain dust, pollution and certain sprays. While the N99 and PM2.5 masks have excellent protection from bacteria, germs, etc. We have had lung transplant patients wear masks made with our CoolBest, Tencel and Bamboo fabrics and they said that they did not notice any increased respiratory issues when wearing our M11 masks versus a competitor’s mask or even wearing our own N99 and PM2.5 masks. We suggest that you discuss this with your doctor and/or try one of our H.A.M masks and see if the comfort, style and overall design suit you!